Saturday 12 October 2019


are the coolest
and loneliest

Love is a wave
that rolls towards or away
from us,
depending on which direction we face.

Or some shit like that.

Better to know how to float
than have learnt how to swim.

Or some shit like that.

are the coolest
and loneliest

and mantras

are much the same.

It's what we do

I refuse to sleep on road trips
in case the car goes rogue
and there’s time to pull the handle
                                and throw myself to safety.

I’ll play those odds

though keeping alive
means getting old
and laying friends to rest,

though keeping alive
means further scars along
the spirit flesh of the heart.

It’s what we do.
We take the blows
for spaces between the blows
lending chances to laugh with mates,
to kiss a lover,
to read a quote or two.

Not much else. It’s bittersweet, really,
                but worth it.

at junctures in every breath,
walks the gallows

but hangmen take sickies too.

It’s bittersweet
but we keep ourselves alive for little else.

It’s worth it though.

I don’t know why

but it is.

October 16, 2018

My housemate lands his share
of women newly divorced.
I see them stumble out his room at 8am.

My Facebook feed is full of albums
of recent weddings
—where the stories begin.

My housemate’s room is messy.
No albums feature my housemate’s messy room
—where the stories,
so often,