Sunday 25 February 2018

It finds us now and then

It finds us now and then
when together
you and I
draw the curtains on our shame;

when we share the strains of our lives
only to receive the gift of Grace.

It lets us in occasionally
and offers up relief,
and a summer yard

on which our ego can lie down
and laugh at how absurd
it truly is.

let us return
to that secret place
where you tell me who you are
and I try to do the same,

where we pack the space between
and the hurt can’t get in.

Arrive, music

Arrive, music.
Come the songs,
come the dance of sound.

Arrive, music.
Come light the flame of nostalgia.
Come cut the logic to pieces,
music: the giggle of the soul.

You travel on the somersaults of children.
You’re delicate like the blinking eye

and come in chorus
and come in song.

Arrive, music.
Come join the dots between the spaces I forget;
come spill the colours out the lines.

Arrive, music.
Come show me how the universe appeared
at birth;
come show me how it cried
and how it held the thumb of God.

Arrive, music.
Come out from where you rest
in the water lapping up beside a raft
or in the meeting of bracelets on a wrist.

Do you hide in the corners of our lives
and pity us, music?
You grant us mercy when you

arrive, music
and wake us into dream.