Monday 25 April 2022

The Scenic Route


It seems so long ago

it was family

and kingdom

and God

to which we gave our lives.


Now we live for heart.


It sounds so nice: ‘the heart’.


But many things can sound

so nice.


In any case,

the heart of which we speak


be seen. Much like God.


And yet the heart is what I walk with.

I haven’t God,

I’ve only heart

—my only sword and shield

on a road our generation took

of buried god

and awkward heart.  


So what to do but hope

it’s just the scenic route

to a better grasp

of both.











I Was You


I was you

and you were me

and that’s the way we wrapped ourselves in love


—our silken case


that hatched a memory

flying back to me from time to time.


Though love did not survive,

it didn’t die

but grew the wings of

something else I need not understand


that flies to me from time to time


to reassure, to let me know it never died


then sails away,

thanking me, I’m sure, for having let it go.