Wednesday 28 December 2022

Of course


The very things we don’t require now

are departments,




We need to just be left alone.


Of course,

if we’d just been left alone

we wouldn’t be here now

would we?






Monday 26 December 2022

On giving up the ghost



looks over us with pity

for none of us are right about

anything at all.



is jealous of us

for we’re all as innocent as lambs.


None of us should hold the power

and no one ever truly has.


In the image of God,

we suffer on crosses instead


and see the sense

in giving up the ghost


and letting go…






Or three


The feather spark of a woman

that favours you

on first occasion:


like an eyelash,

like creation.


She isn’t hit by your sickness.

She isn’t cut by your sins.

The blood flows safe and warm beneath the skin.


Enjoy, my brothers and sisters,

when sun, moon and holy whisper

go swinging off sycamore trees


and time is on our side

for a second or three.