Friday 23 June 2023

Rundle Street


She hung in the arms of the night

as my envy approached.

The night in envy, too.

Always that envy


a beautiful woman.

The lights of the streets like lamps

in the corners of arenas:

almost irrelevant.

But she the archetype:

Eve, the first,

Khadija, the Mother of Believers,

and Cleopatra, the final note

in the song of man.


Woman: the parallel,

the earth,

the intuition.


the perpendicular,

the sun,

the abstract.


the spirit hiding in the flesh.


the spirit hiding in the coveting.


Come, she implied,

in the arms of the night,

and the rest is prehistory. 







Saturday 17 June 2023

Beats me


“Who are you?” she whispers, rapturously. 

Her heart bunks up  

with the final verse 

of my private concert. 


I’m glad she’s asking me 

and not my ex.