Thursday 26 January 2023

Don't despair


Don’t despair, strong man.

The woman calls you thief of the love

but kicks the love of others

down the road

leading to you.


There’ll come a time you’ll say

“I’ll sin no more”

and welcome her

and wish to lie within the bed you make.


But she’ll then turn away.



you wanted everything

—her love,

the flesh of others—

and copped her wrath and tears.

Yet secretly,

she wants it all as well:

your love

but the one that loves itself.


Oh mortal wound that’s life itself…


Oh empty envelope…


The pain,

the disgrace:

woman’s and man’s

in equal share.


The equality of the sexes,

I guess. 








Wednesday 25 January 2023

And then some


The generations

worn down

by the weight

of all the lots

of thirty silver pieces.


My pockets as full

as any other's


and then some.









I know by now

I can't offer self.

I don't even know

what that is.


I know full well

I can't offer love.

My ego's too deep

in that biz.


I won't even try

to offer you praise.

I'd just make it solely

'bout me.


I'm not gonna go

attempting to serve.

I ate all the fruits

of the tree.


Forgive me, oh God,

I've only got trust.

It's all I can offer

to you.


I offer my trust.

I hope that it ain't

too much about me

and will do.