Sunday 14 May 2023

To come


Something happened there.

It’s all a blur.

Hearts dived in,

hearts drowned:

him and her,

father and son,

around and around

and around.


I forgive you, dad.

Forgive me, love.

I was weak.

So was dad.

As below, so above.

Something happened there,

something yet

to come. 






A different time


It’s not like it was before.

Now it’s tenderness and empathy

after sex I know I won’t return to.

No longer is it larrikin.


It was almost ferocious. It was mountains

in winter,

and the fog was light in the morning.


But the heart just has no place for her.


I’ll not be laughing about it

with my boys.

I won’t be proud at her expense.

There hasn’t been a win,

only tenderness

and empathy.


I’ll text her. I’ll wish her well for the week.

I’ll share that link. She’s me

in female form.

She’s trying her best.

So am I. I hope she feels that.