Sunday 11 March 2018

Perhaps there is no clear path

Perhaps there is no clear path.  
So get married
or stay single,
have kids or don’t,
go meditate for 30 years up some mountain
or head to the pub.
Perhaps it’s all bullshit
and all wrong.

Perhaps being truly awakened has nothing to do
with how much gluten you refuse to eat
like it’s nothing to do
with how much money you make
and all to do
with accepting the tragedy of life itself
yet choosing to live life anyway.

For no matter the extent
of your readings of Eckhart Tolle,
you’ll always be fighting that feeling
that something is missing
and the reality that death is just around the

So perhaps our greatest battle
is not with any government
or illness
but with the intrinsic futility of our lives

and enlightenment is a measure of
how happily you can
sing and dance your way to the grave
—how well you can laugh at it all

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