Wednesday 2 May 2018

I was reading the Great Book

I was reading the Great Book
to learn of the Mighty Way.

Out in the park,
outstretched on grass,
I jack-hammered out unreadable conclusions
on blank slates
I’d set down
in my head.

I threw the damn book aside;
pinched the strain between my eyes

and a cat appeared.

Having jumped its yard,
it moved in miniature prowess
to rub against me.

My hand found its hands hammock
on the figurine leopard’s back.

It lifted its arse
and purred.

The animal then saw
the Great Book of the Mighty Way
and down dropped
its arse
on the great thing.

My hand rubbed, the cat purred,
my hand purred,
my heart purred,
the birds and the park and the planet purred

and I finally understood
how to read
the Great Book.

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