Monday 23 May 2022



Roll on wetlands;

roll on Burke

and roll on Wills

—needles in shapes of sites and statues

and info centres

pumping you with life-blood still;


roll on sunsets over oceans

—my first since Adelaide.


I planned on heading south

but the road is largely westward.

The Mormons knew it. The cowboys knew it.

McCandless knew it.

He died, but don’t we all?

In many ways

we live forever.


Throw a dart to the right of Katherine,

the left of Cooktown,

aiming low.

There’s Karumba and sunset over ocean

and miles from Ravenshoe and minutes to spare  

between the setting up of camp and the jog to the point.


Until tomorrow, Helios,

sinking beneath the sea at Henley Beach

and the Gulf

of Carpentaria all at once.


Opposite ends of Oz

and opposite ends of my life

together for a few

exquisite minutes.

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