Tuesday 20 September 2022

The Holy Giggle


nailed flesh upon that wood,

what is it you prove?

What, really, is your rejection?

Is that a giggle you just gave?

Old friend,

silent master,

aloof papa,

do you teach of Heaven,

of Hell 

or of laughter?


you cheeky cunt,

I'm starting to see the smile on your lips,

the glint in your eye

there on your dangling flesh. 

It's not that you reject the world

per se;

it's more that you refuse to engage at all. 

You conquer Death

by not acknowledging

the temptress of Life.

You absolute player, Christ.

You alpha.

You King of Kings.

Let them mess with your body...


I really hear you laughing now

at them,

at me,

at you yourself.

The Holy Giggle, Christ.

I see, I see

the joke of it all.

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